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Employee theft Detective Poland

Employers face various challenges on a daily basis when it comes to running their own businesses. One of the problems they often encounter is employee theft. Being rich in this knowledge, it is a good idea to take preventive measures to protect yourself from theft. In such cases, private detectives are indispensable as they know what to do and have the necessary professional experience and knowledge of current law.

Private detective for business owners.

Employee theft affects as many as 78% of Polish businesses. Places like warehouses and wholesalers are particularly vulnerable, but not exclusively. These are the findings of a study conducted by Euler Hermes in collaboration with Employers of the Republic of Poland. Therefore, there is a high probability that if you are an employer, you will also be affected by the aforementioned situation. Be wise and take action before any harm is done! Even in cases where there is suspicion of theft, fraud, or any action harmful to the company, the best course of action is to establish cooperation with a private detective.

Why is a private detective the best help for employee theft cases?

Employee theft and proving guilt associated with it is a difficult matter. Monitoring employee work must unquestionably be done in accordance with the law; otherwise, the employer may get into trouble. Many aspects of work can be subject to control, such as actual working hours, quality, and methods of execution. If there are suspicions regarding an employee’s loyalty, it is necessary to gather irrefutable evidence against them. This is where a detective, for whom collecting evidence is bread and butter, proves to be extremely helpful. Detectives stay up-to-date with changes in the law and operate in accordance with it. Every employer has the right to protect their assets to the maximum extent from employee theft, but this must be done fully professionally and legally.

Preventing employee theft One of the effective ways to prevent employee theft is to install surveillance systems. In this regard, a detective can be helpful not only in selecting the equipment but also in practical placement and legal aspects related to monitoring. It should be remembered that cameras and similar devices cannot be installed in social areas. Before installing surveillance, it is advisable to consider the specific nature of the workplace. Employees are well aware of the areas where they can go unnoticed or the least frequented places, and a detective can help plan the best camera placement.

Detectives are also familiar with cases of stealing confidential information from work or colluding with competitors, and employers can protect themselves from such situations. In the event that harm has already been done to the company, a detective can help establish guilt.

Observing a suspected employee can also be assigned to a detective. It is particularly useful when an employee works “in the field,” and the employer suspects misuse of company vehicles or phones, for example. A detective can also verify actual working hours, employee productivity, or carry out provocations if necessary.

Collecting professional evidence An employer can dismiss an employee due to theft. However, it is necessary to prove:

  1. a serious breach of basic employee obligations, or
  2. the commission of a crime by the employee during the employment relationship.

These are provisions in accordance with Article 52, Section 1, Points 1 and 2 of the Labor Code.

Concrete evidence is necessary to prove guilt, and a detective can provide precisely such evidence. This may include photographs, recorded conversations, or situations indicating employee disloyalty. Detectives always gather evidence in a lawful and fully professional manner. Often, employers are unable to collect high-quality and sufficient evidence on their own to win in court.

Collaborating with a detective In summary, hiring a detective is an ideal way to prevent employee theft and prove guilt in cases where crimes have already been committed. As an employer, you have every right to protect yourself and your assets. However, do it wisely, thoroughly,

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