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Corporate investigations

Employee Investigations

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Employee Investigations

Employee investigations in Poland, akin to detective work, are crucial for various reasons. They arise in response to illicit activities or grievances during an employee’s tenure, accusations against ex-employees, or background checks for potential hires. Investigations become necessary when employees violate company policies, act against company interests, ally with rivals, disclose confidential information, commit embezzlement, face harassment allegations, or cause financial losses.

In our capacity as employee detectives in Poland, we grapple with instances of business and private fraud on a daily basis. Our expertise in deciphering the strategies employed by wrongdoers empowers us to unveil the authentic motives behind their actions, ascertain their identity, and put an end to their activities. It’s pivotal to acknowledge that, in numerous cases, individuals fall prey to deception by those who adeptly assimilate into their surroundings, ostensibly forging friendships or engaging in “business deals.” Consequently, when navigating such matters within the realm of employee investigations in Poland, emotions often sway decision-making, hindering the ability to make well-informed and precise judgments.

Assistance in case of Employee fraud:

  1. Situation analysis
  2. Reliable and credible assessments
  3. Advice at every stage of a case
  4. Conducting an investigation
  5. Gathering evidence

Employee Investigations: Services Tailored for Businesses

Discover the comprehensive support our detective agency provides to businesses, covering various aspects of employee investigations:

  1. Examination of Fraudulent Activities:

    • A meticulous review of details surrounding incidents of potential employee fraud.
  2. Collection of Evidence:

    • Support in gathering and organizing pertinent documentation and evidence relevant to the investigation.
  3. Consultation and Case Discussion:

    • Arrange a consultation with our agency to delve into the specifics of the employee investigation case.
  4. Customized Investigative Strategy:

    • Crafting a tailored investigative plan based on the information provided, ensuring a strategic approach.
  5. Sharing Information about Suspected Employees:

    • Exchange of available information about suspected employees to conduct a thorough and comprehensive inquiry.
  6. Collaboration for Detailed Investigations:

    • Active cooperation with our agency, fostering a detailed and effective employee investigation.
  7. Assistance in Loss Recovery:

    • Dedicated efforts aimed at recovering losses incurred due to fraudulent employee activities.
  8. Support for Legal Proceedings:

    • Assistance in preparing evidence for potential legal proceedings related to employee fraud.
How to start cooperation?

Employee Fraud - Investigation

To initiate collaboration with our detective agency in Poland following an employee fraud incident, start by reaching out to us via our official channels, such as our website,helpline or email. Clearly outline the particulars of the employee fraud you’ve encountered, providing any pertinent documentation or evidence you may possess. Schedule a consultation with our team to delve into the specifics of your case, allowing us to chart a tailored investigative strategy focused on employee fraud. Share any available information about the suspected employee fraudster, enabling us to conduct a comprehensive inquiry.

employee investigations

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