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Searching missing persons

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Searching for people

Searching for people by our private detectives? How should one proceed in the event of a loved one’s disappearance? It is not true that the police will only take action 48 hours after the suspicion of disappearance. It all depends on the circumstances, and there is no need to be afraid or wait. We report the case to the police, then we and our private detectives make every effort to expedite the search. The next step can be contacting one of the foundations, which provides support and conducts its own search operations.

Searching missing persons In Poland by a private detective? Approximately 20,000 people go missing each year. Statistics show that the majority of individuals are found within the first 48 hours, at most within a week. Therefore, time and precision are crucial when it comes to missing persons cases. Searching blindly without proper preparation can diminish our chances of finding a loved one. Families of missing people unanimously believe that it is better to know the truth, even if it is the worst, than to live in eternal anticipation of information or the return of the missing person. The pain caused by the disappearance of loved ones has broken many individuals, leading to the dissolution of marriages and numerous other life tragedies. As detectives, we encounter stories every day that seem hopeless, yet many of our searches have been successful. In the search for missing persons, the most important factors are time, accurate information dissemination, and speaking the truth, even if it is embarrassing and uncomfortable. With these elements, we can outline an appropriate action plan that will lead us to the truth.

Private investigations

Searching missing persons

The Temida Detective Agency carries out the following activities:

  1. Notifying the police about the assignment and insisting on mutual cooperation.
  2. Conducting comprehensive investigations and creating a detailed plan.
  3. Interviewing all individuals within our sphere of interest.
  4. Conducting field searches, environmental intelligence, and working with informants.
  5. Employing operational techniques if applicable.
  6. Extensive online activities and raising awareness of the case in the media.
  7. Search for missing persons after years.


Searching for missing persons more info.

The most frequently asked questions by clients include: “Is it a good idea to resume the search after many years?” and “Can we determine the location of a relative or acquaintance from years ago?” With the appropriate actions and the use of available search tools, what seemed impossible becomes possible. Technological advancements year after year provide us with a broader scope of action. Things that were once considered impossible a few years ago can now be the norm in our operations, which is why it is worth considering initiating a search after years. As for finding distant relatives or past acquaintances, for example, to inform them about an inherited inheritance, we can undoubtedly state that locating them is only a matter of time and available information. It is essential to remember that only licensed detectives can process personal data without consent. Our actions are always fully legal and discreet, which is why we encourage you to contact us. The search for missing persons is not the only scope of our activities; there are other related areas in which it is worth turning to a detective:


  1. Kidnappings for ransom.
  2. Parental abductions.
  3. Kidnappings for sexual exploitation.
  4. Human trafficking.
  5. Suspicion of murder and hiding of a body.
  6. Search for missing persons versus kidnappings for ransom.
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Why are people missing?

Why are people missing? The most common reported cases of disappearances often turn out to be innocent escapades by young people or actions driven by overwhelming emotions and excessive mental burdens. Other cases involve memory loss, accidents, or simply extended partying. All these situations may appear simple on the surface, but consider what would happen if we didn’t react in time.

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