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Private Detective Poland

Who are we?

Private Detective Agency Poland TEMIDA

Private Detective Poland Temida employs licensed detectives and specialists in several fields. The effectiveness of their work is the result of years of experience, commitment and ever-expanding knowledge in the field of forensics.

Private detectives also benefit from the wide network of contacts they have gained over the years of work. The detective office is located in the center of Poland, which makes access from different cities very easy. It is headquartered at 7/18 Zlota Street in downtown Warsaw, but operates throughout the country and even abroad if necessary

Private detectives Poland since 2019

The detective agency was established in 2019. The detectives are highly successful in, among other things, recovering stolen or misappropriated vehicles.

The company has a current entry in the Register of Private Detective Activities of the Ministry of the Interior a license of the Ministry of the Interior to perform detective activities and the prestigious award Eagles Wprost 2021. The activity is insured against civil liability.


Civil cases

We provide assistance during civil cases – we obtain evidence of facts concealed by spouses related to, among other things, earnings and finances. We help prove marital infidelity, the proper confirmation of which can help in obtaining a divorce with a judgment of guilt. We also search for hidden assets of debtors and alimony evaders. We also deal with the search for missing persons, kidnapped persons and persons in hiding. During the execution of orders, we use modern technologies

Business cases

Our private detective bureau assists in economic cases. We work with sole proprietorships, companies, corporations and institutions. We provide services related to detecting illegal practices among entrepreneurs and checking contractors, inspecting employees and observing sites. We perform a comprehensive check of companies in financial, human resources, commercial and legal terms. We analyze the financial situation of companies belonging to competitors.

Criminal cases

In the field of criminal cases, private detectives from our office in Poland perform a wide variety of activities. Our duties include, first of all, collecting information in cases where criminal proceedings are currently underway. We are also engaged in verifying the evidence that the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office have collected. The purpose of this activity is to check their credibility. Often, the joint work of the detective and the police brings the case to a successful conclusion.

Professional approach

Why our agency?

  • Temida Detective Agency provides only verified information. Any information obtained is protected, and every detective or consultant on our team is bound by professional secrecy. The work of our detectives is shrouded in secrecy for this reason we are not always able to provide up-to-date information by phone and patience is required while waiting for the final result.

Our Specializations

Criminal cases100%
Business support100%
Information acquisition100%
Searches & Explorations100%

Private Detective Poland Temida Agency are not limited to one specialty. Their range of services is very wide. They have extensive experience in solving civil and economic cases. What can they help you with?



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