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Infidelity investigations


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Infidelity Investigations

Do you have suspicions about your marriage partner’s fidelity? Do you want to prepare for a divorce case,You need a private detective in Poland Warsaw? You need concrete evidence of infidelity. You will later be able to present them in court to obtain a judgment of guilt of the other party and the right to obtain alimony. How do you get such evidence? How can a private investigator in Poland help. 

During a divorce case, the assistance of a private investigator includes the preparation and collection of all evidence that can be presented in court to confirm the infidelity of a spouse. Such documents and reports constitute solid legal evidence and are used in court hearings. The detective will prepare a report on his activities, which will include photographic material. If necessary, you can also count on his support during the trial – he will appear as a witness.

Infidelity – Divorce cases – the scope of the detective’s activities
  1. Preparation of an individual plan and strategy of action.
  2. Conducting discreet observation of the spouse.
  3. Collecting all information about the suspicious behavior of the spouse.
  4. Establish personal data and addresses of lovers and witnesses.
  5. Preparation of a written report on the activities carried out.
  6. Handing over evidence including video recordings and photos.
  7. Giving testimony before the court.
  8. Constant contact with the client at every stage of cooperation.


Detective Agency – assistance in infidelity cases

Private Detectives from Temida Agency in Poland have all the necessary qualifications needed to handle infidelity case – including a current license to perform detective activities. All the activities they perform are lawful and fully discreet. During the entire course of the case you can count on the support of a specialist. You will be kept informed about the progress of the assignment.

Do you have a reasonable suspicion that your husband or wife is cheating on you, or hiding something important from you? Contact us and gain new evidence in court.

How to start cooperation?


In order for us to start cooperation it is necessary to get acquainted with your entire case. A complete interview of your economic case will give us the opportunity to propose the right tool to solve your problem. That is why we ask you to contact our private detectives directly by e-mail or telephone, we speak Polish, English and German.

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