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Private detective Warsaw

Cyvil and corporate cases

Private detective Warsaw

Private detective Warsaw and Temida Detective Agency gather a team with years of experience providing advanced detective services to clients in Warsaw and surrounding areas. For years, we have been gathering evidence and supporting clients with advice for individuals and businesses in business, family, and criminal matters. We are not limited to one specialization, and we approach each assignment with great dedication.

Maximum security detective, full discretion – comprehensive and professional service! Our private detectives from Warsaw support clients in difficult situations. For many years, the agency has earned a reputation in Poland and abroad, primarily recovering stolen cars and other vehicles. The number of successfully completed cases speaks for itself. The client’s well-being is our top priority, and Temida detectives have years of experience in detective work and approach each assignment with full commitment.

Business Investigations

Detective Warsaw

High effectiveness of services, thanks to unconventional actions. Our investigations usually end positively due to the work of the entire team. Private detectives from Warsaw are also supported by specialists and experts from other industries. In detective work, we use not only our experience but also the knowledge of consultants. In the work of a private detective, we use socio-technical, psychological, operational, and technical skills. Private detectives from Warsaw also operate in other cities throughout Poland.

Corporate and cyvil cases

Private detective Warsaw

Client, you are in good hands with pricvate detectives from Warsaw. The services provided by our private detectives from Warsaw are carried out with the highest care, discretion, and safety for the client. All our detectives, specialists, consultants, and those working on a given case are bound by confidentiality. We stand out from the competition with an individual, modern approach to the case and the client. Contact us for more information.


What can our private detectives do?

Civil matters:

  1. Searching for missing and hiding persons
  2. Recovering stolen and misappropriated vehicles and property
  3. Observing persons, objects, and property
  4. Family and divorce matters
  5. Determining partner’s past
  6. Court mediations, negotiations
  7. Hard debt collection (on-site)

Business matters:

  1. Searching for missing and hiding persons
  2. Recovering stolen and misappropriated vehicles and property
  3. Observing persons, objects, and property
  4. Verification of business partners, contractors, and employees
  5. Business intelligence, reports
  6. Debt collection that cannot be recovered in a soft way
  7. Detecting bugs and hidden cameras, GPS locators.
Investigations Poland Warsaw

Private detective Warsaw

As a detective agency in Warsaw, we cater to a diverse clientele ranging from small businesses to large corporations, agencies, and sole proprietorships. Our expertise in the field of corporate security and protection of sensitive information is second to none. We urge you to get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs related to economic affairs. At our agency, we approach each case with utmost attention to detail and priority, treating our clients’ needs on an individual basis.

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