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How can I order a detective service?
How do I know if you will help me?
What exact services do you offer?
How much will the service cost me?
How long will the investigation last?
Will the investigation be conducted confidentially?
Will the evidence be usable in court?

To order a detective service it is first necessary to talk and communicate the details of the case. The more we understand your situation, the easier it will be for us to make a concrete proposal for solving the problem. We also encourage you to contact us directly by email, phone or instant messaging.

We can never give a 100% guarantee of success. But the more information we gather, the better we can serve you. In many cases, we are able to estimate the probability of success because of our experience in similar situations. In addition, people with extensive experience and specialization in specific fields work with our agency, which greatly increases the chances of success.

Most of our services are described in the offer on this page. We offer assistance in commercial, civil, criminal cases. The services we offer include information gathering, observation of people and property, recovery of property, stolen items, cars. Searching for missing persons, persons in hiding or persons to whom contact has been broken in the past. Detection of wiretaps or technical services related to information gathering.

The price depends directly on what is to be done. We can offer a price for conducting the entire case, which can last and month, but also for specific components, such as observation for one day of work then it is much easier to give you a price for the service.

We are unable to answer this question unequivocally. It all depends on the particular case. The more complex the case, the longer the duration is. For example, we can undertake a 2-day observation, or we can conduct an entire investigation into infidelity. The more information you have, the shorter and more effective the investigation will be. If you have only speculations it is necessary to conduct a whole investigation.

It depends on your will. Of course, if the investigation is conducted discreetly then there is a much better chance of obtaining evidence. On the other hand, in some cases clients, at our instigation, decide to conduct an official investigation this is the case when we want to publicize the case of, for example, kidnapping or disappearance of a person. As a standard, most cases are conducted from start to finish in discretion for the safety of our client.

Most of our activities end with a written report for use in court, during negotiations or mediation before trial. Not all of our assignments end with documentation for use in court. It all depends on the specific case. But if the specifics of the case require it then, of course, the document that is drawn up at the end is the official document for use in court.

If you have doubts, contact us.

We are at your service.