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Corporate Investigations Poland

corporate cases

Corporate Investigations Poland

Temida Agency deals largely with economic investigations our years of experience have allowed us to develop effective methods of operation.

As a company, we understand the importance of economic matters and the impact they can have on businesses. That’s why at our detective agency, we offer a wide range of services related to economic investigations. We specialize in detecting illegal business practices, conducting due diligence investigations on potential partners, providing economic intelligence, employee background checks, and more. Our team of experienced detectives is dedicated to ensuring the safety and development of your company. We believe in open communication and flexibility, and our services can be tailored to your specific needs.

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Corporate cases

Corporate Investigations Warsaw Poland

At our company, we understand that business owners have a multitude of responsibilities to tend to on a daily basis and often do not have the time to thoroughly investigate individuals or companies. Economic cases encompass a vast array of issues, which is why our Detective Agency Temida provides comprehensive information gathering on potential partners or contractors. Our private detectives conduct meticulous economic intelligence, checking every available public registry for information and verifying the credibility of the company. They also dig into the company’s economic history, current financial situation, and obligations. Our detectives may contact former or current employees who could provide valuable information.


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We can also perform background checks on current or prospective employees to ensure their honesty and ability to maintain confidentiality. Disloyal employees can be a significant loss and danger to any company. Our agency also handles cases related to unfair competition, theft of property, and intellectual property. We can also gather information on future debt collection actions. All of our detectives’ activities are carried out in accordance with the law. Upon completion of our work in economic cases, you will receive a detailed report.

Business Investigations Poland

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We provide services for everyone – small and large businesses, companies, agencies, sole proprietorships and anyone who needs our help in this area. We know how important is the security of the company and its sensitive information. We encourage you to contact the Agency to determine in detail your needs in the field of economic affairs. We treat each case of our clients individually and with priority.

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