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Business intelligence

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Business intelligence

Business intelligence aims to collect, analyze, process, and utilize information. Unique tools and methods for gathering, processing, and analyzing information are an important competitive weapon. Therefore,  our detective agency in Poland helps with business intelligence cases

Business intelligence is necessary for anyone who needs to obtain information in order to avoid losses, gain a competitive advantage, check contractors, or help in the development of a company. Business intelligence involves in-depth gathering of information on a given economic segment, followed by professional analysis of the obtained data. After the topic has been processed, the client receives a detailed report.

Business intelligence is:

  1. Obtaining desired information
  2. Providing a reliable and credible assessment
  3. Presenting new possibilities to companies or other entities
  4. A way to improve the competitive position of an entity
  5. An early warning system for threats to companies


What can we provide to businesses?

As a detective agency, we offer a wide range of services for businesses, including:

  1. Analyzing competition and identifying threats
  2. Gathering information to increase the competitive advantage
  3. Determining the economic and financial credibility of a contractor or partner
  4. Verifying the honesty of employees and management
  5. Determining the assets of debtors, including hidden assets
  6. Determining the current address of a debtor
  7. Gathering economic information about individuals and legal entities, such as joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, associations, foundations, social and professional organizations
  8. Gathering economic information for use as evidence in court proceedings
  9. Determining the unlawful use of trade names, patents, or trademarks, unfair competition, or disclosing trade secrets of a company

For more detailed tasks, we provide:

  1. Identifying new or potential competitors and providing the most important information about the entity to be purchased
  2. Gathering information about the origin of products or raw materials
  3. Gathering information about competitors’ contractors and employees
  4. Providing information to promote new investments, etc.
  5. Determining the indebtedness of the entity, specified members of the supervisory board, shareholders, and management
  6. Determining the real estate and movables of the entity, members of the supervisory board, shareholders, and management
  7. Verifying the criminal records of members of the supervisory board, shareholders, and management
  8. Gathering information and opinions – Internet (OSINT)
  9. Environmental intelligence among selected contractors and partners
  10. Environmental intelligence among former or current employees
  11. Information from the pledge register
  12. Site visit, photos, video of obtained or indicated addresses
  13. Obtaining information about the origin of the indicated product

During the course of our detective activities, we are very discreet, so you do not have to worry about information leakage, especially when collecting data from personal and non-personal sources. We make every effort to treat each client individually, and we do not duplicate schemes. We do not color the results; we provide only verified information, even if it differs from your suspicions or expectations.

How to start cooperation?

Business Intelligence

In order for us to start cooperation it is necessary to get acquainted with your entire case. A complete interview of your economic case will give us the opportunity to propose the right tool to solve your problem. That is why we ask you to contact our private detectives directly by e-mail or telephone, we speak Polish, English and German.

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