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Surveillance Investigations

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Surveillance Investigations

We offer you observation of persons, property. Static observation or mobile observation in Warsaw or any other city in Poland. Activities are carried out according to your demand. Observation carried out by experienced detectives former secret service officers or police.

What does surveillance of individuals offer us? Life often puts us in situations where questions arise in our minds about what other people are doing when we’re not around. These questions may concern our spouse, business partner, employees, or even our own children. Surveillance of individuals is an excellent way to gather the necessary information that answers many of our questions, and it allows us to determine the behaviors of a particular person, their daily schedule, their whereabouts, and who they meet with. This data-gathering method gives us the opportunity to confirm or refute our suspicions, which often relate to issues such as infidelity, concealing their place of residence, secret meetings, or unwanted behavior of our children.

Surveillance intelligence is:

  1. Situation analysis.
  2. Conducting surveillance
  3. Assistance when police or other authorities need to be involved
  4. Assistance in contacting a lawyer or psychologist.
  5. Detailed report on field activities.
  6. Providing gathered materials: photos, videos, audio files.

Surveillance specialist in Poland?

Why is it worth using the services of a surveillance specialist? Many people try to conduct surveillance on their own, but unfortunately, this task is not that simple, as people often sense the presence of someone close to them, and outsiders do not arouse suspicion. Our private detectives have many years of experience and possess the necessary knowledge about operational techniques, surveillance techniques, and handling advanced equipment. Surveillance is carried out discreetly, to gather as much information as possible, while not getting compromised. Our detectives are up-to-date with the secrets of surveillance and technological innovations, which allows us to conduct operational activities in an effective manner. Importantly, we operate within the law, whereas people acting on their own often lack the necessary knowledge and break the law, creating new problems instead of solving them. Each surveillance we perform is concluded with a report that can be used during mediation or in court. We also provide all the materials we gather, which can facilitate the resolution of your problem. However, it should be remembered that the evaluation of the situation remains in the hands of the client.

How does Surveillance looks in practice?

What does this look like in practice? The surveillance conducted by our agency is carried out by at least one experienced detective or a two-person team. In case the situation requires it, we can conduct surveillance using an experienced team of up to eight people, moving in several cars, as well as a motorcycle or a scooter. Therefore, before we undertake surveillance, an assessment of the situation must be carried out to adjust the appropriate technical and human resources.

How to start cooperation?

Surveillance Intelligence

In order for us to initiate collaboration, it is imperative that we become fully familiar with the details of your case. A comprehensive consultation regarding your case would enable us to suggest the appropriate methodology to resolve your issue. For this reason, we kindly request that you reach out to our private investigators directly either via email or phone. We are proficient in Polish, English, and German languages.

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