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Every day, people around the world seek information. Sometimes it’s about business competition, other times it’s about missing individuals or data that can aid in family matters like divorces or child support cases. In certain situations, evidence of a business partner’s or spouse’s dishonesty is necessary. Regardless of the reason, the demand for professional individual...
private investigator
How can a private investigator from our agency in Poland assist you? Do you suspect your spouse of infidelity and require the services of a private investigator to gather evidence? We understand the importance of solid evidence before taking legal action. If you’re concerned about conducting the investigation yourself and potentially being recognized by your...
missing person
Can Private Detective in Poland help You in searching a missing person? Statistics on disappearances are alarming. Every year in our country, from a dozen to tens of thousands of people go missing. The reasons for such situations vary – sometimes it is an individual decision, often the reason can be the involvement of three...